Traitor Don and You

The so-called President of the United States has weakened our country.
1.) Weakened the EPA
2.) Weakened the school system.
3.) Weakened Climate change awareness.
4.) Racial Tension is high.
5.) Cost the Country millions (Playing Golf.)
6.) Wants a Military Parade
7.) Uses his roles as President to help fund his businesses.
8.) Has made no attempt at Bipartisanship.
9.) Fired James Comey.
10.) Stood by an admitted pedophile (Roy Moore.)
11.) Failed to condemn the ALT Right (Response to Charlottesville.)
12.) Failed Puerto Rico (People are still hurting.)
13.) Slapped a 30 percent tariff on Solar Panels.
14.) Packing the White House with unqualified idiots. (His family.)
15.) Encouraged Police Brutality.
16.) Hurting immigrants and dreamers.
17.) The man has lied so much about how great he is that he believes it.
18.) Gave a Tax break for companies who are now charging more or bailing out.
19.) Bullied ill people. 
20.) Kissed Putin’s ass until brown is his natural lip shade.

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