Fuck Trump

Trump-TreasonI hate to admit it but nothing improves my day like seeing Trump’s day shatter.
Before you judge me understand that I despise racism and I am a big ole lesbian liberal.
That’s right I said it.
I don’t understand how so many people can swallow this orange-aid.
The proof is right in front of your face.
Not to mention that this person who is pretending to be the President does not deserve to step foot in the white house.
I voted for Hillary but I would have voted for Bernie if he had won the candidacy.
Trump would have never gotten my vote.
It pisses me off that the people who judged me about voting for Hillary let that asshole (Trump) win.
I did not care which one candidate won as long as it was not him.
The election was stupid.
When you have thousands if not millions of people hating on a woman.
Because she is a woman and don’t let them fool you, it was because she was a woman they hated her so much.
Enough to let that lazy, spoiled, narcissistic man win the election.
We all failed that night and I can only hope that America the land I love can recover.
On a positive note because of this election, we have children who have found their voice, women who have spoken up and Will and Grace is now back on television.
I hope we can somehow fix what we broke and get the right people into office.
While it can not always be sunny, it also can’t rain all the time.

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