Even Fox has had it with lies?


So I am browsing Facebook and the headlines I see catches my eye.
Fox cut Donald Trump’s speech in Ohio.
Could it be that people are getting sick of the empty promises and bullshit?
Maybe people have grown up and seen he does not care about anything but himself.
If a man can not even be faithful to this pregnant wife how the hell will he be faithful to his country?
Does anyone remember how many times this man avoided the draft?
How many times did he file bankruptcy, yet he is the one in charge or making our country great again?
What the fuck do you mean by again?
Last I checked the country was doing great until this idiot became President.
Race crime has skyrocketed, people are not shopping, the retail stores are in the crapper and he still has not brought back coal.
He has dismantled the EPA and the school systems and I still don’t see the stupid ass wall he promised.
Voting for him was like buying magic beans, I would rather have bought the damn cow instead.
School shootings are on the rise since he became President and who’s bright idea was it to arm teachers?
I mean shit I don’t know about you but my teachers were crazier than I was.
In conclusion, making America great means, making the kids stupid, living in pollution, fueling the fire of racism, and starting a trade war we can’t win.
Go America, we are all fucken doomed if we can’t come to our senses and stop giving in to the crybaby in chief and they call us snowflakes?


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