Cafeteria Christians


Why are so many American’s pulling away from religion?
Look at the examples of religion in the United States.
Almost every person I know has become a cafeteria Christian, picking what they want to follow.
I am tired of everyone judging me because I am not religious.
Do you think because you wake up early to go to Church that makes you a better man or woman?
Was I at the bar doing anything but praying.
Did I not hear you talk about getting away with breaking the law?
I watched you raise your hands to your wife.
You question my lack of religion? Well, I question your lack of morality.
I do not need a religion to tell me that beating my wife is bad, or that drinking my life away will not help my situation.

Good Christians wouldn’t hurt people or would they?
What makes you think I would want to be part of your treachery?
Let me ask you this question.
Is it better to be religious and send your thoughts and prayers to school children that are now dead?
Or is it better to do something about it?
Think about that for a while, I’ll wait and if I go to hell, well I guess I’ll see you there.


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