Who am I?
I am the friend that once helped you carry your books to school.
The shoulder you cried on and the one who wiped away your tears.
I have been your sister, your friend, and your protector.
I have stood back to back with you through many of your obstacles.
Until now as I watch the light of our friendship grow dim and the sad truth comes out.

In 2016 I have realized your true heart and although I have stood by you.
You would not have done the same for me.
My lifestyle is one you would rather forget.
Happiness is only for the traditional man and woman.
I have smiled as you preached your bible, never judging the hypocrisy of your cafeteria Christianity.
It is what a friend should do, yes?
Support the one they hold dear, wish happiness, and health for the ones they love.
I have read your ramblings about how your God hates me and cried knowing you felt the same.
With a heavy heart, I know what I must do.
Goodbye, my friend.


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