We need to clean house



It seems like we are living in an alternate reality.
“The upside down” if you are familiar with the term.
How else can you explain why sex offenders are not only in the White House but?
are running for Senate?
How else can you explain a country that is so divided, the prices of food and gas going up?
Money being spent on everything but what it should be.
When is enough going to be enough?
This year has been exhausting and is impairing my ability to giggle.
I am tired of waking up in the morning and saying “What the fuck did he do now.”
You all know who I am referring to.
The leader of the not so free world.
I am tired of both Republicans and Democrats that are both over their heads with stress due to the Commander Douche bag.
I can only imagine what it must be like to be in the White House trying to babysit the President of the United States.
Our President needs a damn babysitter, how the hell did that happen?
Missile Warnings, Hurricanes, Earth Quakes, Fires, and MudSlides does this sound biblical?
Because it’s not its common sense, we have destroyed the planet and we need to work harder to save it.
But first, we have to clean house (White House.)



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