To those in the medical field or social services.


While in college a professor once said he gives special thanks to those who wish to be in the medical field.

At the time I didn’t think about it in dept but now being fifteen years older I am inclined to agree.

It takes a special human being to be a doctor, a nurse or a social worker.

Although, there are a few individuals who seek the awards of the all mighty dollar, more of these wonderful human beings choose the medical field out of the kindness or their hearts.

The best form of humanity is to devote yourself to healing others, call me selfish, but I know that I am far too emotional to put my own feelings aside nor do I have the ability to rise above the darkness, as these people do daily.

The stress and fear faced by a Nurse or Doctor would cripple me, and I can only imagine the heartbreak of Social work.

It humbles me to look into the eyes or these loving people and realize that they hold lives in their hands every day and face decisions that will affect individuals and families.

I believe we as a society often forget that those who choose these fields of work have the passion to save lives.

There are angels walking around on this earth and the next time you would like to meet one.

Look to a Nurse, smile at a Doctor, or hug a Social Worker.


“What is true about a person? Would I change in the same way the river changes color but still be the same person?… And then I realized it was the first time I could see the power of the wind. I couldn’t see the wind itself, but I could see it carried water that filled the rivers and shaped the countryside.”
― Amy TanThe Joy Luck Club

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