There is something seriously wrong


At first, I thought eating detergent was a joke but then news article after news article proved me wrong.
Are people eating this? I mean I understand that this looks like candy, but it isn’t.
There was a time when your parents would wash your mouth out with soap but that was a punishment and now it’s not?
Call me old and yes, maybe I am but eating these colorful pods has no appeal.
Weed is legal in some states and if you are that crazy.
Maybe you may qualify for medical marijuana, it’s just a thought.
At least weed is natural.
Does the Dare program in school send their Police Officers into classes now and warn children to not eat?
detergent pods?
Do stores and parents have to lock up these pods?
Is education so bad that children believe this is candy?
We are living in an alternate universe.
So please people step away from the pods and pick up a damn book.

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