What is wrong with this world? How can a man who cares more about his bank account than for the health of his people be elected the highest honor of the United States of America? I am yet to see what is making America great again; we have been divided by our own hate, each blaming each other for this very large and orange problem we now face.Our future seems bleak unless you are within the one percent of the richest men and women of America. Some of you not only stuck your foot in your mouth, but you also used that same foot and kicked yourself in the ass. Did you believe a man who mocked the handicapped and harassed women should he President? When are you going to admit to yourself that you have failed not only yourself but your children as well? They are what matters right? How are you going to tell them that daddy doesn’t care if you inherit a planet that is no longer suitable for human life? When did child molesters and sex offenders make it into the oval office? How did Neo-Nazis become fine people and the men and women that stood up to them become Antifa? What are you going to say to the next generation that will end up paying for your sins? Most of all how can you look yourself in the mirror?


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