I I read a post by a complete Rebuplican idiot today.

I came across a post today that did nothing but try and blame Democrats for what happened in Las Vegas.

First of all, I live here and I can tell you it was not some Democrat it was someone with no history of violence but with obvious mental problems.

In fact, the shooter had more in common with the writer of this post than most people will know Republican Douche but that is another story.

How dare you, Sir speak about something that you know nothing about.

I know of people that watched their husbands die, families in mourning and you sit here and blame Democrats.

Guess what the majority of Democrats do not even own guns and the few who do would not consider buying 30 + guns in one year.

You sit here and bitch about people being on the internet getting their facts but yet that’s where you get yours.

Grow up, I know you, I see you, for who you really are nothing but a coward that would strike a hand to a woman and call them cunts for bumping into you while they are trying to run for cover with their child in the rain.

You have no class and you never will. 

It might also be why you lack real friendship of any level except for on the internet. You hide behind your keyboard and spew your deceit because you lack the courage to speak face to face. 

I know you, and you,  Sir are the biggest coward that I have ever met. 

I normally do not get angry, but I take it personally because we were once friends.

You should know damn well what this stupid democrat is capable of. So if you dare face me. I am here. 

Idiot Republican

Where does this idiot get this stuff?

The idiot believes this



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