Candy Lagmay Rest in Love

I am still in shock as I find out this morning that you are gone.
Even if I have not spoken to you in years, I remember you.
A spitfire of a woman, loud, caring, and so very smart.
I would like to remember you. As I knew you, even before the drugs would ravage your heart and your soul.
When your young body had more time to resist the effects of long term drug use.
I remember your smile and the twinkle in your eyes in the rare glimpse that I saw you happy.
The fierce strength in your conviction and the no caring attitude that shaped you into who you are.
I saw the good in you even if your spirit was sometimes flawed and imperfect.
Who here can say that they are perfect?
I will remember you, as you were before the agony when you were a young woman with so much love to give.
You will live on in the actions of those who love you and forever be a part of each and every one of us.
Rest in love, Candy Lagmay.
I will remember you.

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