All but a kiss

If all but a kiss is what is meant for us, I will hold that kiss in my memories until the end of my life.
I will feel the crashing and burning of rejection and feel the arms that held me pull away.
If it is just once that my heart is able to feel again, I will know love even if for a moment.
If I could hold you, but once, I may not let you go.
It is silly that a small thing such as a heart can hurt so badly at the thought of losing you.
The heart, which is one of the strongest muscles in your body, yet so easily broken.
It is possible that I will not see you again as time allows you to forget my face.
My touch will become a pleasant memory, my voice a forgotten song.
If I never see you again, understand that it was never my intention to lose you, but in my haste and regret, you’re gone.

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