Dear Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

For once I would like to see you do something for America.How are you going to make American great again when you do nothing but invite violence against different religions, ethnic backgrounds and those who do not agree with you.

Why don’t you make American great again, by not inciting violence and take away money from the very Americans that voted for yo?.

I would like to think that maybe somewhere in that head or yours, you would grow some empathy.

Why did you want to run for President anyway? Did you not realize that everything you did would be looked at and compared to an actual leader such as Obama?

You blame the Democrats for the bad publicity, but did you think that taking away millions of people’s health care would go unnoticed?

Did you think that the taxes that we American’s pay is not for your enjoyment?

Or that a woman should have the right to make her own decisions about Her Own Body?

At this point, I don’t hate you, I hate the people that still believe in your bullshit.

You never lied about how much of an ass you are, in fact, you straight out boasted about your insane actions.

In the next few months, the lies and corruption will come out, I do not envy you.

People sometimes don’t believe in Karma, but I do and I believe that you create your own destiny.

I hope that someday find the strength to actually be the man that you boasted about and put America and its people first.

Only then will you help in making America Great Again.

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