So, according to the Buddhist beliefs, there are four unavoidable Physical sufferings, birth, Old Age, Sickness, and Death.

There are also three forms of mental suffering, separation (from the people we love) and contact with people we dislike (We all have to deal with these people don’t we) and frustration with getting everything we desire.

We believe that we will find happiness, with the new car that we are driving, the new computer we have purchased, or the purse that is worth more than the money that is stored in it. I have been there and I have suffered the lack of or loss of. Although, when I did have these things what did it matter? Happiness is often temporary, never lasting forever. These things that we require to be happy often fades into wanting the next big thing (The Trap Of More.) Never can one truly be happy, without suffering.

Buddhists believe that the way to end suffering is to embrace it and to understand that suffering is a part of life. We endure suffering as we endure happiness, as a temporary cycle that is, in fact, a part of life.

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