Stop the Hate

Crimes motivated by racism and hate in 2017

1.) The Portland Stabbings over Muslim women.

2.) A Machete-Wielding Republican Just Attacked Democrats On A College Campus

3.) Gunman opens fire at congressional baseball practice

4.) San Diego gunman called ex-girlfriend during shooting

5.) Dylann Roof pleads guilty to state charges in church massacre

6.) White Supremacist James Harris Jackson Charged With Terrorism for Killing Black Man in NYC

The list goes on but honestly, I am just too depressed to even bother doing any more research on this subject.
In 2017 you would think that we would be civilized beyond hate.
We had a black President and guess what he did a good job, it does not matter that he is black or white. It matters that things changed for the better.
Put away your crayons children, it’s a sad day when the colors that can be found in a child’s
Crayon box can make someone hate you.


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