I remember your words that still echo in my ears, even if it has been over twenty years.
My friend, I know that you did not get the chance to live out your life the way that you had planned.
Marriage and children were not in the cards for you, but I want you to know.
That even if you are no longer here with us.
I still think of you, I still hold the memory of you alive and well in my heart and my very being.
I have made a promise to you a lifetime ago, it was that I would live my life to the fullest.
Regardless of the heartbreak, it would bring.
I am a better woman and a better human being because of you.
Sometimes, love finds you in the form of a friend that is not intended to stay.
I know that you will never hear this but as I write this I think of you, I think of how much I love you still.

Jasmaine Amos

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