Get Off The Phone

We spend more time on our phones, texting to give us social interaction.
When was the last time that you actually looked someone in the eyes and had a conversation?
We are all guilty of it, I do it at least once or twice a day (I’m lying)
But you can’t tell, can you? It’s because a text shows no real emotion.
Don’t misunderstand me, there is nothing better than the written word and the beauty of a perfectly scripted sentence.
Texting is not meant to be beautiful, it was created to say something in the quickest way possible.
Texting should never be your only way of communication.
Open your mouth and have an actual conversation.
Notice the joy that you receive when you are face to face with someone you love.
Don’t be afraid to talk, don’t isolate yourself and forget how to say hello.
Take that first step, call your best friend, tell your mother that you love her, listen to your father’s laugh.
These are the things that you build memories on.
A phone can do many things, but show love, it can not.

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