Rambling, before my weekend.

I can’t even be upset at the Trump voters anymore.
I mean some of them thought that he really would make a difference.
Who am I to feel like I am smarter because I could see through his lies?
Not all of the Trump voters are racists, but there are a lot that are.
You would think that in the year 2017 we would be way past the ugly part of history?
Not only are we destroying our planet but we are destroying humanity.
I wish it would stop, but I know that it will take far more than a
wish to change the mess that we have made.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that the world is round
it’s not flat, and that we do have a huge impact on this planet.
Do we believe that we are so advanced that we can live without clean air, drinkable water, Food?
According to some people, they believe that God will save us?
God, will save those who save themselves.
I do not believe in God, not the way that others do.
I believe in energy and science I also believe in logic.
So for those who do live their lives by the Bible.
If God created all, then everything in this world God has given to you.
Including science that saves lives, clean air, clean water, etc.
Why are some people so anxious to destroy what their God has created?
If everything in this life was created by God why are we trying to destroy his creations?

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