Dear Republicans


Dear Republicans,
We care about Trump’s tax returns because a sleazy crook should not be the leader of the free world.
Yes, we care about his ice-cream as well.
It shows the psychology of such a greedy man.
Most of you still bitch about the Democrats starting the Civil War 156 years ago, I suggest you get a grip on reality and find something that is at the present time.
Get over yourselves, sometime in this century the party’s changed.
Yes, you are now the ass-holes and we have become the nicer party.
How many times do we have to go back and forth about facts and no alternative facts are not real facts.
It is a fact that the economy flourishes when we have a Democratic President.
Why is it that the majority of your voters tend to vote against their own interests?
Why is it that with camera phones being such a normality that most
searches for the word racists will bring up white men or women?
Okay, so the Democrats started the KKK about 156 years ago, but my question to you is who’s party is in the KKK now?
Are you so lost in your own hatred that you spend your time picking at the past not realizing that you are actually everything that you hate?
The old Democrats have long since been replaced with Republicans, you call us disgusting? Perhaps you should turn that strong power of reflection to where it belongs.
Look in the mirror or are you too afraid? To actually see the hated human being that you have become.

Here is what you have brought to America.
1.) Over 23 million people will have no medical coverage.
2.) The poor will be taxed more and the rich will benefit.
3.) The land that we live in will die without protection.
4.) Other countries have no respect for us.
5.) Education will be for the privileged and public schooling will be demolished.
6.) He encourages racism.
7.) Has asked the FBI Director to actually stop investigating.
8.) Is pulling out of the Paris Agreement.
9.) Has moved to demolish the EPA
10.) Is under investigation for helping the Russians tamper with our 2016 election.

If this was a woman President or anyone other than white man.
Trump would have been impeached a long time ago.
You can list all of the so-called bad things that Obama has done, but none of it can compare to the carnage this moron has caused.
We will suffer, and you and your children will suffer for years to come.
Because of your racists choice.
Republicans spend all their time hating us and yet no time to learn actual facts. Nor do they care about what this Presidency will bring to the table and they call us disgusting?

1 thought on “Dear Republicans

  1. This is a topic which is near to my heart… Thank you! Exactly where are your contact details though?


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