America 2017

Have you ever been so angry that you can’t even think straight? That was how I felt when I found out that the children had died because of some terrorist ass-hole that decided to blow up a concert that is almost entirely made up of female fans. It is also the moment that I watched a polite Latino woman get degraded by a bitch of a woman who believes that she has the right to kick people out of her America. The world today is filled with anger, hate, and is filled with snowflakes that base poor ethics and morals as facts. Some people in America believe that it is okay for 23 million people lose their health coverage. They are okay with women, children, the elderly possibly dying, but still, claim to be Pro-Life. How can you be Pro-Life and take away the chance of living? I don’t get it? These very people scream at anyone that does not speak “American” in this country. Wtf does speaking American mean? The only people speak “American” would be the Native American’s that were slaughtered by foreigners who were guests. These native American’s are almost extinct because of the years of hate and racism they have endured, and they were here first? We were all from different countries some of us came willingly, and some of us came here by force.



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