Voting 2018 Goodbye, Republicans.



I am not going to bullshit you and say that I do not go on political rants because I do.
The Republicans treated Hillary Clinton like crap shouting “Lock her up” for emails and their now idiot leader trades secrets that put our
people in jeopardy you don’t hear them yelling “Lock him up.”
When the Republicans were screaming about Obama golfing, you heard every single one of those racist bastards shouting “Thanks, Obama.” When the biggest piece of shit that has ever sat in the oval office spends millions of dollars on golf and having his wife stay in New York, these same hypocrites are silent.
When the fat, lazy, ignorant, stupid, lying, treasonist bastard opens his mouth, you are quick to back him up Republicans.
2018 is coming, and we will vote you all out.
Because we will ” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”

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