Letting go of someone I loved bore hardship in my heart.
For years I have dreamed of what our life would have been if not for you leaving me.
There I stood a child in the dark, crying, feelings of helplessness crashing over me like the waves of the ocean nearby.
Do you think of me? Or has the land of lost wages turned your heart into stone, denying that you love me your flesh and blood?
Sometimes, I still cry dreaming of the day that perhaps we could once again be a family.
I am now old, and my heart has long hardened.
You are now at the end of your lifetime, as the wrinkles you were so afraid of has taken over, as your soul ages.
You miss me now? I miss you too, but the thought of you, leaving me can never be forgotten, and the love that I once had as a child can never be rekindled, but here we are.
Reaching out, holding our breath both afraid.
I am now old, and so are you, and time has not been kind to either of us.
I reach out to you once more, as I did when I was a child to a mother who left me.
I forgive you, and I hope that you forgive me too.

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