Men Stink

I have decided that I now know the reason that I am a lesbian.
Men stink, no really, the smell of them makes me vomit.
I am not kidding, although I will admit that I do tend to have more guy friends than girls, and that may or may not be due to
swearing like a sailor and spending hours on video games calling everyone that pisses me off a noob.
I just get along better with men I don’t have to be careful while hanging out with them well unless they fall in love with me then it just becomes plain awkward.
I would like to have more female friends, but it seems it always goes one of two ways and neither are pleasant.
Seriously, I don’t know what goes on with men and not being able to bathe daily.
I can think of two occasions that my sensitive nose and the smell of a man’s body odor that has made me lose my dinner.
It’s like either their girlfriends wear nose plugs or just don’t care.
Anything that stinks enough for me to throw up can not be a constant reoccurrence in my life.
So a high five to you straight girls out there that can handle their guy’s body odor, you are far stronger than I will ever be, and for the men out there remember to take a bath for your sake and mine.


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