As a child, I witnessed domestic violence between my mother and father.
I can still remember hiding under our bed crying with my little brother right beside me.
Back in the 70’s, it was common in Hawaii for men to beat their wives if they felt that their wives deserved it.
Some children that witness abuse prevail and become better human beings, but it is more likely that children that are exposed to violence in their childhood grow up to become the abuser.
For those who judge these women that stay in these awful relationships understand that it is not that easy to leave.
When you have small children, and your support group is non-existent it’s easier said than done.
My mother left my father, and for a long time, we lived in a van sleeping at random beaches across Oahu.
My mom told us that we were camping, I can still remember how much I loved the beach.
Swimming every day, fishing, and just having fun with my two brothers.
It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s did I find out the truth.
One night as we were camping some homeless men robbed my mom at knife point, and we were taken to live with my grandparents.
My father and my mother were not amicable for years, in fact, I honestly still believe that my mom can’t stand the sight of him.
Even if my parents have since moved on, I don’t think my father will ever remarry I feel that he is still waiting for the one person he hurt to forgive him and come home.
However, that will never happen.
So before you hit someone, stop, think and ask yourself is it worth it.
One moment of anger that turns into a lifetime of hurt.
Refrain from violence, walk away and if you can’t do yourself a favor and leave for good.
She doesn’t deserve that, and neither does he and your kids should never see that kind of hate.
People often hold on to what they should let go of and they let go of what they should hold onto ironic isn’t it?

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