My Heart Hurts For Venezuela




I sit here worried about my friend who is an ocean away. This is just one of the images that I have seen today that gives you an insight into what is going on in a country that was once the richest of all Latin countries. I am shocked that their government is doing to the people in Venezuela. There are children dying, generations of families that are being gunned down.

Could this come here to America? I believe that it could because of Trump and his supporters to live in a country where one race rules them all? One day this just might happen here and I will be honest I will never be ready for this. I have asked my friend to message me daily, and I hope that I continue to hear from her because my heart would break if I do not. I am also very proud of her and proud of the people that are rising up against a Government that would want nothing more than to enslave their own people. So each of you who read this, even if you are not religious and you are an atheist like me. Please send some prayers for Venezuela and their people and for my friend who I care deeply for. Be strong Nani and remember I am thinking of you and know that I am here and I am your friend always.



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