Religion and Me


Okay, first off I don’t see anything wrong with religion.

I do, however, see a problem with those who try to convert me into theirs.

I live a humble life and consider myself a real good person, that is until someone tells me that I am going to burn in hell for being a lesbian or for eating meat on Friday.

Get over yourselves people not everyone will conform to your mold.

If you believe in God, then that is awesome, but just don’t try to get me to follow in your shadow I have beliefs that differ from yours.

For example, you praise Trump I call him evil incarnate.

I am Pro-Choice, and you are Pro-Life neither of us is wrong it’s just our beliefs.

I believe we need to save the planet, and you think that global warming is a myth created by the Chinese.

I know that you feel that you must save me, but honestly, I am perfectly capable of saving myself from what I have no idea, but trust me I’ll be okay.



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