Reasons why I am an atheist.
1.) I believe in science.
2.) I refuse to live my life by the book written by who the hell knows.
3.) I have seen nothing but wars and heartbreak for so-called religious views.
4.) Most of the religious people I know are either hiding something or use their religion to do some fucked up shit.
5.) I refuse to be a follower, and I choose how I live my life, not you or a book.
6.) If you are a decent person, you already know what is right and what is wrong.
7.) The church is a place that people go to hide.
8.) I refuse to put faith in something that I feel has no logic.
9.) I believe in Aliens more than I believe in religion.
10.) Most religious people I have known are the biggest Hippocrates.

I believe in love, life, empathy, kindness, and truth.

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