Science March Las Vegas



Today was Earth day, and millions of people marched for science.
I do not know why the American government has tried everything in their power to hinder the progress that has taken centuries for us to accomplish.
I am no fan of Congress and our President and every day I say to myself this has got to be a joke.
One day someone will tell me that I am dreaming and that the worst President in history is just a figment of my imagination.
The march for science today gave me hope that people, when needed, can pull together and fight for what is right.
Every day is a fight, not just one day out of the year or even month.
We must fight every day and every minute for the freedom to exist in a world that is clean and without ignorance and bigotry.
I know that there may never be a world that does not consist of bigotry and ignorance, but we can hope.
There is nothing wrong with hope (Amy Tan) The Joy Luck Club.

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