Traitor Don and You

The so-called President of the United States has weakened our country. 1.) Weakened the EPA 2.) Weakened the school system. 3.) Weakened Climate change awareness. 4.) Racial Tension is high. 5.) Cost the Country millions (Playing Golf.) 6.) Wants a Military Parade 7.) Uses his roles as President to help fund his businesses. 8.) Has made […]

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I overheard someone say a AR 15 is just a hunting rifle, however, it is a hunting rifle for human beings. 1.) Most people mix up the AR to mean Assault rifle is not what AR stands for. It stands for Armalite rifle after the company that developed the weapon in the 1950s. 2.) The […]

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Even Fox has had it with lies?

So I am browsing Facebook and the headlines I see catches my eye. Fox cut Donald Trump’s speech in Ohio. Could it be that people are getting sick of the empty promises and bullshit? Maybe people have grown up and seen he does not care about anything but himself. If a man can not even be faithful […]

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Fuck Trump

I hate to admit it but nothing improves my day like seeing Trump’s day shatter. Before you judge me understand that I despise racism and I am a big ole lesbian liberal. That’s right I said it. I don’t understand how so many people can swallow this orange-aid. The proof is right in front of […]

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    The last time we saw each other we were fifteen. You had been dating that new guy, Ray was that his name? I was dating a few guys which is what you do when you are sixteen, bored and living on an Island. At this age, you are too young to know what […]

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